About Me

Etienne Uzac is a media entrepreneur with years of experience in print and digital media and solid skills for handling business on a global scale. His globetrotting began when he moved from his birthplace of Santiago, Chile, to South Africa and France. He attended High School in France at Lycée Stanislas Paris, then moved on to college at The London School of Economics and Political Science.

He then moved to New York and was part of the founding team of International Business Times (IBT), a digital media company that was incorporated in 2006 in New York, and that began providing business news coverage to various countries in an all-digital format. IBT changed its name to IBT Media and started publishing additional brands such as Medical Daily, Latin Times, Player.One and Fashion Times.

After experiencing growth and success with IBT, Etienne led the successful purchase of Newsweek Magazine by IBT in 2013 after moving into Newsweek’s offices in Downtown New York.

Etienne and the IBT team invested significantly in Newsweek’s development and growth, built a high-performance executive team to lead it for the decade to come, and that is still leading it to this day. They brought it back from an e-magazine to a full-fledged news website hosted at its original domain newsweek.com and resumed the print edition. Newsweek’s editorial gained significant attention, and Newsweek became profitable by the end of 2014.

IBT also grew significantly through proprietary technologies that gave it an edge in digital publishing. It hired high-caliber journalists and won numerous awards including 6 SABEWs, 1 Izzy and 3 The Drum Online Media Awards.

In 2016, Etienne stepped down from his CEO position at IBT to focus on personal activities and returned as CEO of the company in 2023.

International Business Times

International Business Times started as a simple website but quickly grew into a publisher delivering news beyond popular headlines. Its primary focus is on business, but it also publishes articles related to major news stories from around the globe. IBT is respected for its quality journalism and straightforward commentary and is known for delivering business news that other news outlets don’t cover. IBT and its journalists have won numerous awards since its founding in 2006.

IBT is a forward-looking website that seeks to focus on truth in its editorial and to defend freedom globally. It tracks changes in the global economy, the global economic order, how new technologies are disrupting industries, and who are the beneficiaries and losers of these changes.

The publication has seen incredible growth since its founding, going from a single-sheet website to a multimedia company with multiple web properties reaching millions in multiple countries and languages. IBT is looking to the future by expanding its operations, launching new national editions, and adding more products and information to help businesses perform at their best.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Etienne Uzac spends most of his time operating IBT and overseeing each of its outlets. It leaves him with little spare time for personal interests, but he’s known to like to take his family to church and to swim. He enjoys learning more about the different cultures of the people he works with, which helps him be a better CEO of IBT with its multinational focus.

Etienne Uzac